Q:  How much will it cost to finish my basement?
A:  That's a very difficult question to answer, since every home & project is unique.  Just as in what dictates the cost of a home, some of driving costs associated with
individual basement projects might include heavy trim detail, custom cabinetry & built-ins, bars and kitchens.  Occasionally we will offer specials for standard build-outs.  
The cost is typically a fantastic value starting at around $45 per sq. ft. and gives our customer's everything they need for quality expanded living space.  The only way to
know for sure how much your project will cost is to give us a call and allow us to discuss possible options for your budget.
Q:  What type of work can I do myself to save money?
A:  Just about anything you are comfortable with.  Setting tile, building cabinetry, trim, painting, etc.  
Q:  Why do I need a floor plan?
A:  There are a number of reasons why.  Every great project starts with a great plan in order to come in on budget and on time.  It's almost impossible to accurately create a
budget with out a detailed plan.  Additionally, depending on your city or county, it may be required for building permits.  

Q:  Do you charge for your consulting services?
A:  As always, our initial in home consultation and standard estimate is FREE to those looking for help with a partial or full build-out of their basement.  An estimate with
overhead CAD floor plan is $395 for areas up to 1,000 square feet (add $50 for each additional 100 square feet), which will then be credited back to you if you choose to
hire us for the project.   Additionally, if you are a Do-It-Yourself customer and would like detailed how-to information, our expanded consultation cost begins at $495.  With
this we will provide you with a wealth of verbal information to give you the confidence you need to start your project off the right way.  Beyond this, consulting services for
items such as CAD plans, budget preparation, etc. are available for reasonable fees, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  Just give us a call and we'll
determine together how much help you need and a very fair cost for our time & services.
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Q:  Can I build a bedroom and/or a kitchen in my basement?
A:  Usually yes.  There are a number of building codes which dictate what can and can not be done in a basement.  We'll be happy to discuss these codes with you when we
Q:  Do you do any of the work your self?
A: We are hands-on and qualified to complete or contract any required installation.
Q:  Is this all the information I need to know?
A:  Not at all!  We still have a great deal of information for you.  If you're ready to take the first step in finishing your basement, contact us  today.   We'll determine how
much assistance you need and schedule a time to meet at your home
Frequently Asked Questions....
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We know you have a lot of questions.  Here are a few of the most common.  Please feel free to
contact us with any additional you might have.
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Q:  Is finishing my basement a good investment?
A:  Yes.  Statistics show that a properly finished basement will increase the value of your home and that the return on investment is nearly 100% after 3-5 years, depending
on the market at that time.  Additionally, a professionally finished basement will be attractive to potential buyer's when and if you decide to move in the future.
Conversely, purchasing a vehicle is a terrible investment, yet most of us don't think twice about buying a new car every couple of years, even though we know we are
making a large ticket purchase that will decrease in value everyday.
Q:  We've set up a play area for our children in our unfinished basement.  It seems perfect-they can go down there and make a mess and we don't have to worry about
sheet rocked walls, doors and flooring getting damaged.  Shouldn't we wait until our children are much older before we invest in finishing our basement.
A:  We see these "play area's" in unfinished basements all of the time.  What's important to understand are the dangers in letting your children play in unfinished rooms.  In
many cases, these area's have exposed gas water heaters and furnaces.  It's also very easy for a child to pull on electrical wires and copper plumbing pipes which would
otherwise be protected behind drywall.  If fiberglass insulation is visible in your unfinished basement, you should never let your children around this without a mask, as
microscopic fibers can and will be easily inhaled into their lungs.  Finally, indigenous harmful insects, such as scorpions, Brown Recluse spiders and Black Widows often
make their home in unfinished basements.
Unfinished basements should never be used as playrooms for children and are really not suitable, nor are they legal, for adult habitation either.
Q:  Will finishing my basement help with my energy bills?
A:  Absolutely.  An unfinished basement saps energy from the rest of your home.  Inadequate insulation, unsealed windows and doors and lack of conditioned space are
just a few of the culprits.
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Q:  Do I need a building permit to finish my basement?
A:  The short answer is yes.  Permits are generally required by law to finish a basement.  The good news is that a permitted basement is a safer basement since all
installations are inspected by outside county/city inspectors.  Once your project is complete, you'll also rec
eive a Certificate of Occupancy/Completion from the county/city,
which shows that you have legally improved your home.
Q:  Does Basement Design Consultants handle the permitting?
with the inspectors and to answer any of their questions and address any of their concerns